Wax Begonia

A nonstop display of flowers in shades of red, pink, and white from early spring until frost. Popular  as an edging, border, and in containers. Beautiful planted in mass.

Bronze and mahogany-leaved varieties will tolerate almost full sun, green-leaved varieties require shade or morning sun only. Ask your certified Professional about best varieties for your situation.

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Brightly colored flowers are borne in upright spikes in early to mid-summer. Flowers colors range from red, pink, orange, yellow, white, purple, and multi-colored. Flowers attract butterflies.  Best used as background flower in the border or along backs of fences. Provide protection from strong winds by stacking flowers. Best planted in fall.

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Spikes of vivid flowers in colors of red, pink, purple, orange bronze and white with two-toned combinations available. Bloom best in fall and early spring. Flowers attract butterflies. Popular as an edging or border. Plant beds of a single color for best display. Best planted in the fall in southern areas, very early spring in northern areas. Dwarf varieties are 10-12 inches tall. Tall type reaches 2-3 feet tall.

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Periwinkle ( Vinca )

Prolific summer blooms in shades of pink, rose and white about the size  of a quarter.  White types  may have contrasting eyes.  Excellent in flowerbeds that receive hot reflected sun.  New low growing ground cover types available. Good in containers and hanging baskets . Pinch plant back when young to encourage bushy growth and added flowering. Best planted in early summer.

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Kale & Cabbage

Prized for  their stunning, colorful foliage. Inner leaves may be red, white rose or pink, against darker green outside leaves. Provide spectacular color in flowerbeds or borders during the winter months. Good in containers. Best planted in late fall in south Texas ;early spring in the north .Beautiful combined with pansies. Kale has fringed leaves, cabbage leaves are much more wavy and ruffled


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Brightly colored foliage in shades of red, pink and white. Excellent as a border plant or planted in groups. One primarily a shade-loving plant, new varieties have been developed for sunny areas. Ask your Certified Professional for specific varieties to meet your needs. Do not plant until ground warms in late spring. Prefers moist, well-drained, highly organic soil. Plant bulbs 2-3 inches deep.

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Interesting flower shapes in colors ranging from red to pink,  yellow, orange, and purple.  Bloom from spring to frost. Good as cut flowers . Use low growing types as  borders or use taller varieties as a background plant. Foliage is also attractive, often with a reddish tint. Keeping plants actively growing will lead to better flower production. May also be planted in midsummer for fall bloom.

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English Daisy

Dainty ,button-like, spring flowers ranging in color from pink, white, rose and lavender. Perfect for a sunny border or rock garden. Cold resistant ;Can be planted in fall for spring bloom in southern Texas. Plant in early spring in northern Texas. Remove spent blossoms for extended blooms

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Delphiniums are grown for their showy spikes of colorful summer flowers. The  tall spires vary in height and shape, but all  produce masses of color in summer gardens. The grow best in fertile , well-drained soil sheltered from strong winds . Removing the spent flower stems as soon as possible after flowering allows the formation of second bloom in the fall.

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Brightly colored  blooms, in all colors except blue, in  summer and fall. Smaller bedding types are better adapted to Texas heat. Giant types are perennial and are quite sensitive to heat . Useful in beds and borders, they make great cut flowers. Plant into highly organic soils. Keep moist through the growing season. Plant tubers 4-6” deep.

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Lovely plant grows for its interesting foliage color. Foliage has solid or multiple coloration in many shades of pink , red , bronze , yellow , maroon , green and chartreuse. Makes a striking contrast in the flower border or in containers. A few varieties show good tolerance to sun but most varieties grow best in cool, filtered shade. ‘Plum Parfait and ‘ Burgundy Sun’ are Texas Superstar varieties.

$11.35 - 1 Gallon

Mexican Heather

Tiny lavender or white flowers that resemble heather cover the plants from summer through fall. Excellent in containers or as an edging to borders and walks. Tolerates heat and neglect. Dwarf forms available. Sometimes treated as a perennial in extreme south Texas.

$21.56 - 3 Gallon


Solitary, frilled, brightly colored fragrant flowers in white, pink, salmon, purple, red and lavender. Blooms wonderfully from early summer to fall and brightens flower beds, borders, containers or rock gardens. Make splendid cut flowers . Remove spent flowers to encourage long blooming season. Can be perennial in some areas of Texas.

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Morning Glory

Large showy blossoms open at night and close by noon the next day. Flowers in red, blue , white , pink or two-toned. Blooms summer through fall. Provides a colorful, quick cover for fences and walls. Grows best in soil with ample moisture. Best flower production comes  from established plants.   Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers that promote lush growth , few blooms.

$15.35 - 1 Gallon

Four O' Clock

Fragrant blooms open late afternoon and evening in colors of red , pink, white, yellow and variegated. Often there are 2-3 different colors on one plant. Blooms from summer to frost. May be used in beds or borders or as a temporary hedge under windows where their fragrance can be enjoyed during the night. Very drought tolerant. One of the toughest perennials.

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Rich  flowers  of red, yellow, pink, blue and white
Sharply contrast the large, deep green leaves. Best used in containers, borders or used along walks or pathways. Primrose is strictly a cool weather plant in Texas, flowering from late winter to spring. Many different varieties available. Ask your Certified Professional for the best planting time in your area.

$14.65 - 1 Gallon

Moss Rose

Heat tolerant plant with flowers in shades of red, pink, white, yellow, and orange from summer through fall. Flowers may be single or double. Look best planted in masses of one color in beds or containers. Great  for rock gardens or ground cover. Easily started from seeds or transplants . Will withstand high temperatures , drought and bright sunlight.

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One of the most popular annual flowers. Masses of flowers almost completely cover the plants from spring through fall. Colors include red, pink, white, purple, blue, yellow and bi color. Best used in mass plantings in beds and borders; excellent in the fall in southern parts of state, early spring in the north. Pinch occasionally to keep compact. New, more heat tolerant varieties available.

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Rounded clusters of bright flowers in red, pink, salmon,
Orange, violet, white and bi-colors from spring through fall. Good cut flowers. Use in containers or in flowerbeds. Geraniums need protection from the hot afternoon sun; morning sun and afternoon shade are best. Plants may be placed in a bright window to winter indoors. Cut off spent flowers to encourage more flowers; pinch back occasionally to keep plants compact.

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Large, showy spikes of bright red, purple, or white flowers all summer into fall. Useful for splashes of color in beds, borders or containers. Flowers attract hummingbirds and are good for cutting. Requires little attention and provides some of the brightest colors in the garden. Salva performs wonderfully in light shade, although flowering a bit later.

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Fully double or single flowers in yellow, gold, orange, and maroon. Some varieties may be bi-colored. Plants bloom from spring to fall. Use small growing varieties for edging flowerbeds and borders or in containers for a splash of color. Use large growing varieties for beds, edgings and cut flowers. Best in mass plantings of one color. Remove spent flower heads to prolong blooms.

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Dusty Miller

Beautiful, woolly, silvery-white leaves add a  wonderful contrast  to dark green shrub plantings. Striking in the night garden . Clusters of yellow or creamy yellow flowers almost any  season which can be  pinched yellow
Flower almost any season which can  be pinched  off or  left. Plants get leggy uncles sheared occasionally . Used as an annual in north Texas.

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Colorful winter and spring flowers in shades of yellow, purple, red, white, and lavender. Flowers attract  butterflies in spring. Plant single colors for the most dramatic effect. Use in containers, borders and interplant with spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils and tulips. Planted in the fall in all but the most northern parts of Texas.

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Flowers in shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, and white from spring through fall. Two-toned, fringed, and freckled types are also available. Flowers attract butterflies and are excellent for cutting. Shorter  varieties are best planted in masses in flower beds or borders. Taller types are excellent for back of the border plantings. Plant in spring for summer bloom or plant in early July for fall bloom.

$17.50 **Flat - Contains 18 plants

Profusion Zinnia

One  of the best disease and pest resistant zinnias on the market today. Flowers in shades of cherry , orange and white bloom continuously from spring through fall. Performs well in both warm and cool conditions. Excellent as a border plant as well as for mass plantings.

$19.32 **Flat - Contains 18 plants


Free-blooming plants with single or double flowers in shades of red, pink, orange, white, purple and lavender. Bloom spring to frost. Excellent for shady flower beds or planted in containers on covered patios or porches. Protect from hot midday and afternoon sun. Pinch back occasionally to maintain compact form.

$18.95 **Flat - Contains 18 plants

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