Palms are measured by height in feet.

Mediterranean Fan Palm

Grows in clumps that develop from offshoots of parent plant. Use in containers or as specimen plant. Excellent along coast. Trunk width:4-6”. Evg.ALS-10’T x 8’W.

2' tall
4' tall
6' tall

Sago Palm

Very slow growing palm-like plant that is popular in tropical landscapes, patio pot plant or as a house plant. Usually develops several trunks. Evg. ALS - 20’T x 6’W.

7 Gal
10 Gal
30 Gal
45 Gal

Pindo Palms

Slow growing palm with heavy trunk and feathery arching grey-green leaves. Also known as Cocos australis or Jelly Palm. Trunk width: 12”. Grows 3-6 trunk inches per year. Evg.ALS-15 x 6’W.

2' tall
4' tall
6' tall

Windmill Palm

Slow growing fan palm with a long slender trunk. Very cold tolerant. A good container plant. Trunk width:4-6”.Evg.ALS-10’T x 4’W.

2' tall
4' tall
6' tall

Mexican Fan Palm

Fast growing, easy-care palm featuring a tall, slender trunk topped with a crown of large fan-shaped fronds. Adapts to a wide range of soil types and climates. Evg.ALS-80’T x 20’W.

2' tall
4' tall
6' tall

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