Blue Star

Star-like flowers in summer on tall stems are a beautiful steel blue color. Bright green foliage in summer turns a deep gold in fall. Good choice for low maintenance gardens in beds or borders. Will grow wonderfully with little care. Soggy locations should be avoided.

$16.32 - 1 Gallon

Blue Lily of the Nile

Warm season perennial grown for its dense, rounded 6” heads blue or white trumpet-shaped flowers on long stalks in summer to fall.  A good plant for containers, borders, borders or mass planted flowerbeds. Good cut flower. Dwarf forms also available. Protect in the winter or treat as seasonal color in north Texas.

$14.95 - 1 Gallon


Numerous flat-topped flower clusters in colors of bright yellow, white, red, pink, salmon, or light lavender in summer. Fernlike gray-green foliage is attractive, even when plants are not flowering. Especially suited for rock gardens and along paths. Remove spent blossoms to extend flower season. Flowers may be cut and dried. Tolerates heat and drought

$11.95 - 1 Gallon

Butterfly Weed

Brilliant bright orange blooms in cluster atop small, dark green leaves. Flowers from early summer until fall. Excellent in the perennial border where it can be left alone to flourish. No serious pests, and division is unnecessary. Will grow well in most soils. Flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

$21.19 - 3 Gallon

Autumn Aster

Beautiful, lavender flowers have a contrasting bright yellow center. This hardy plant blooms late summer to early fall. Makes an interesting color contrast to the yellows and oranges in the flower border. Densely branched with a mounded growth habit. Easy to grow without much care and attention. Other Aster varieties are available.

$22.89 - 3 Gallon

Butteryfly Bush

A fast-growing, deciduous shrub with long, arching branches and mid-green to gray-green leaves. Dense panicles of fragrant flowers in an array of colors, often with orange or yellow eyes. Bloom from summer to fall. Attracts bees and butterflies. Plant as a specimen or in mixed shrub borders.

$23.95 - 3 Gallon

Basket of Gold

Bright lemon yellow flowers cover the entire plant in early spring. Useful in dry, poor soils, it is frequently grown in rock gardens. The foliage is gray-green, providing an interesting accent when the plant is not in bloom. After blooming, cut the plant to half its length to keep vigorous.

$12.65 - 1 Gallon

Crinum Lily

Long-stalked clusters of lily-shaped, 4-6” long, fragrant flowers rise from strap-like foliage. Colors include white, pink, rose or striped. Excellent for containers or may be planted in sheltered, sunny garden locations. The coarse foliage is a handsome contrast to finer textured plants. Set top of bulbs even with soil level, provide ample water and space to develop.

$23.95 - 3 gallon

Garden Mum

One of our most popular fall blooming perennials. Flowers available in many shapes and sizes and in a dazzling display of colors. Excellent source of  fall color in beds, borders and containers. Flowers attract butterflies. As plants grow in the spring and summer, pinch back occasionally to encourage compact growth and greater flower production in fall. Use early, mid-season and late flowering varieties for a continuous display of color.

$22.95 - 3 gallon

Ox-eye Daisy

Beautiful white flowers with bright yellow centers in spring. Good cut flowers. Excellent backdrop for smaller perennials or as border. Tolerant to heat and drought. Very easy to grow..

$18.89 - 3 gallon

Shasta Daisy

White, daisy-like flowers with a contrasting yellow eye generously cover this busy plant all summer long. Blossoms 2-3” across appear at the ends of strong stems from summer till frost. Great choice for the perennial border. Flowers are good for cutting and attract butterflies. Requires well drained soil.

$18.32 - 3 gallon


Large, daisy-like flowers are rose-purple or white in color, bloom late spring and summer. Flowers attract butterflies and make good cut flowers. Perfect in naturalized settings or planted in groups in the flower border. Easily grown, thrives in summer heat.

$19.75 - 3 gallon

Blue Daze

A slender, trailing, evergreen perennial with small, closely set gray-green leaves. Powder-blue funnel-shaped flowers with white eyes bloom throughout summer. Grows best in fertile, well-drained soil. An excellent choice for a low maintenance ground cover or a decorative hanging basket.

$14.56 - 1 gallon

Blanket Flower

Daisy-like flowers have outer rays that can be soiled or bi-colored and a central eye that can be yellow, brown or purple. Flowers are 3-4” across and bloom abundantly early summer to frost. Good front of the border plant.  Very tolerant to drought, heat and cold.  Shear occasionally to keep plants compact. This native grows best in well-drained soils. Too much fertilizer leads to sprawling, erratic growth.

$12.39 - 1 gallon


Enjoy large trumpet-shaped flowers in tones of almost every floral color except pure white and blue. Flowers attract butterflies. Choose from tall or dwarf, evergreen or deciduous varieties for mass planting, borders, or accent. Tolerant to heat and drought. Prefers well drained, prepared soils.

$21.15 - 3 gallon

Gerbera Daisy

Brightly colored flowers rise above foliage on single stems in colors of red, pink, salmon, yellow, white, and orange. Both single and double flower forms are available. Enjoy beautiful cut flowers from spring to fall. Excellent for borders or in containers. Mulch heavily and provide good drainage. Used as an annual in much of north Texas.

$22.50 - 3 gallon


Brightly colored flowers on spikes in shades or combinations of white, yellow, orange, red, pink, salmon, and even green. Adds vertical interest to a border. Tall types should be staked when corms are planted to prevent later injury. Plant corms 5-6” deep and two weeks apart for extended spring blossom.

$14.32 - 1 gallon

Dutch Iris

Lovely irises with flowers in many clear colors including blue, orange, purple, yellow, bi-colors and white. Flowers bloom atop long, straight stems in spring. Great for mass plantings in the flower border, containers or in groups among low evergreen ground covers. Good cut flowers. Mulch heavily in winter.

$11.56 - 1 gallon

Louisiana Iris

Large flowers atop vertical foliage in colors from purple and lavender to yellow, white and red in summer. Good cut flowers. Perfect choice for water garden settings or where soils tend to stay moist including along stream and lakes. Plants require frequent feedings and water during winter and spring to stay vigorous.  Mulch to keep roots cool and moist.

$11.95 - 1 gallon


Pure white blossoms almost completely cover this mounding plant in spring. Spreading growth makes it an excellent choice for borders, edgings and rock gardens. Dark green foliage is attractive and looks good when plant is not in bloom. Plant transplants in spring into well-drained, highly organic soils.

$11.32 - 1 gallon


Fast growing ground cover with a profuse show of color over a long season-every month of the year in most free areas of the state. Tolerant to heat and poor soils. Beautiful spilling from raised beds, planter boxes, or hanging baskets. An array of colors to choose from. A great annual in northern areas of the state. Evg./Dec. ALS-2’T x 3’W.

$32.65 - **Flat - Contains 18 Plants


Large elegant flowers in colors of orange, yellow, white, rose, oink, red, and salmon from spring through summer. Good cut flowers. Best suited for splashes of color in perennial border or containers. Provide well-prepared and drained soils.

$15.36 - 1 gallon

Purple Loosestrife

Upright floral spikes with flowers in shades of pink, rose and orchid. Bloom in early summer. Useful for back of the border plantings. Adds a vertical and soft textured effect to the garden. Trim back flower spikes after blooming to keep plant compact and encourage rebloom.  Prefers moist soil.

$13.89 - 1 gallon

Grape Hyacinth

Spikes of purple or sometimes white, fragrant flowers appear in early spring. Best used as a low border for early spring color. A sparkling contrast to colorful pansies. Plant in fall or early winter to bloom the following spring.

$14.25 - 1 gallon

Russian Sage

Spikes of lavender-blue flowers are borne during the summer. The beautiful finely cut gray foliage makes a good contrast against dark evergreens. Foliage is excellent for floral arrangements. Prune occasionally during summer to keep shape and promote flowering. Tolerates some drought and thrives in heat and full sun.

$22.15 - 3 gallon


Large, colorful flowers in shades of red, pink, white, salmon and rose. Flowers range form 4-8” in diameter. Good cut flowers. Excellent in borders and beds in north Texas where there is good winter chill. Plant dormant root in fall. Clip foliage to the ground once it has dried in the fall.

$21.75 - 3 gallon

Goldstrum Black-Eyed Susan

Large, golden-yellow daisy-like flowers with blackish-brown disks bloom from late summer to mid-fall, and contrast beautifully with the dark green foliage. Makes a good cut flower. Easy to grow, and thrives in any soil in borders or naturalized settings. Starts from seeds sown in the garden or by setting transplants out in spring.

$13.65 - 1 gallon

Mexican Petunia

A dwarf shrub with narrow, dark green leaves. Funnel-shaped light purple flowers bloom throughout the season. Suitable for informal borders or plantings, where its attractive foliage and flowers can be seen and enjoyed.

$11.45 - 1 gallon

Gloriosa Daisy

Daisy-like summer flowers are yellow, gold, orange, rust, and brown. Available in single or double forms. Good cut flower. Use for back of the border plantings. Rudbeckia is easy to grow and will thrive in any soil. Divide established clumps in fall.

$14.79 - 1 gallon

Blue Queen Salvia

Spikes of violet-purple flowers rise above the foliage during summer. The individual flowers are tiny and densely whorled around the spikes which are 4-8” long. Good choice where a heat tolerant, easy to grow perennial is needed. Blooms attract butterflies and are good for cut flowers. Withstands heat, drought and poor soil. Better adapted to areas away from the coast.

$11.45 - 1 gallon

Autumn Sage

Masses of small flowers in red, white, salmon, or pink form late spring until frost. Will thrive in hot areas. One of the hardiest salvias. Tolerant to heat and drought. Best adapted to south, central and west Texas.

$23.50 - 3 gallon

Blue Sage

Violet-blue spikes contrast wonderfully with its silver-green foliage. White and pale blue forms are also available. Best used in highly visible areas in beds and borders. Favorite of flower arrangers. Tolerant of heat, drought and poor soil.

$23.85 - 3 gallon

Purple Heart

Also known as Wandering Jew, this plant is prized for its beautiful purple foliage and tiny pale pink to deep purple flowers. Foliage colors best in full sun. A good plant for ground for ground cover, hanging baskets or patio containers. Plants freeze back to ground with hard frost but quickly return once warm weather returns in all but the most northern areas of the state. Very easy to grow.

$11.15 - 1 gallon

East Friesland Salvia

Dense spikes of deep purple flowers rise above the gray-green foliage in early to midsummer. This superb, long-flowering plant often reblooms in late summer. The flowers attract butterflies and are good for fresh or dried arrangements. Withstands heat, drought and poor soil conditions.

$11.65 - 1 gallon

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