3 Gallon Minimum
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Redleaf Barberry

Graceful arching branches with beautiful bronzy-red foliage all summer. Red fruit fall and winter. Need minimum maintenance. ‘Rose Glow’, a rosy pink foliage variety, is also available. Semi-Dec. ALS-5’T x 5’W.

$24.60 - 3 gallon


Graceful arching branches, bronzy new growth and delicate bell- shaped flowers during the summer and fall. Other varieties available including low growing ‘Prostrata’, ‘Edward Goucher’ (pink) and ‘Grandiflora’(white). Evg./Dec.ALS-4’T x 4’W..

$24.75 - 3 gallon


Compact growing popular shrub most often commonly used as clipped low hedges or shaped into globes, pyramids or containers. Bright green leaves change to bronze in winter. ‘Green Beauty’ and ‘Winter Gem’ varieties hold their deep green color in the coldest weather. ‘Japanese’ features lighter colored foliage. Evg. ALS with pruning 2’T x 2’W; without pruning 6’T x 4’W.

$23.70 - 3 gallon


Fast growing upright shrub with beautiful silvery green foliage. Tolerates poor soil, heat and drought. Excellent screen. Striking when planted against dark background. Fragrant flowers and edible flowers.

$22.80 - 3 gallon


Fast-growing spreading shrubs with brilliant red berries in the fall. Use as hedge, ground cover or background plant. Needs little maintenance. Choose from a wide selection of varieties. Evg. Dec. ALS-2-4’T x 5-7’W.

$24.50 - 3 gallon

Golden Euonymus

Upright compact growing shrub with brilliant yellow and green variegated foliage. Tolerates poor soil and heat. A good contrast plant. Evg. ALS-4’T x 3’W

$22.60 - 3 gallon

Silver King Euonymus

Upright compact shrub with white and green variegated foliage. Tolerates poor soil and heat. Evg. ALS-6’T x 3’W

$22.62 - 3 gallon


Rounded shrubs noted for their beautiful foliage and large fragrant white flowers in summer. Requires rich moist acid soil. Evg. ALS-5’T x 5’W.

$26.55 - 3 gallon

Red Yucca

Clumping yucca-like plant with narrow, sword-like leaves. Long lasting spikes of pink to rose red flowers in summer. Very heat and drought tolerant. Evg. ALS-4’T x 3’W, with flower stalks reaching 4-6’ tall.

$24.80 - 3 gallon

Garden Hydrangea

Small rounded shrubs grown for their long-lasting flowers: pink in alkaline soils; blue in acid soils. Blooms in early summer. Dec. ALS-4’T x 4’W.

$29.60 - 3 gallon

Dwarf Chinese Holly

Compact low growing shrub with a rounded growth habit and spiny leaves. Excellent low hedge or border. Does not produce berries.
Evg. ALS-3’T x 2’W.

$26.50 - 3 gallon

Carissa Holly

An outstanding dwarf, dense-growing shrub. The leaves are dark glossy green with one spine at the tip. Excellent for use as a low hedge or in mass plantings. Evg. ALS-3’T x 3’W.

$24.65 - 3 gallon

Burford Holly

Bushy evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leathery leaves and bright red berries in fall. Excellent hedge or specimen plant. Evg. ALS-6’T x 5’W. Dwarf Burford Holly: ALS-4’T x 3’W.

$23.68 - 3 gallon

Foster's Holly

A narrow, pyramidal holly with narrow, dark glossy green leaves with a spiny margin. Abundant rich, deep red berries cover the plant in fall and winter. Plant a male and female for berry production. Use as ornamental tree or screen. Evg. ALS-15’T x 6’W.

3 Gallon - $26.10 30 Gallon - $297.50

Nellie R. Stevens Holly

Fast growing large shrub with dark green glossy leaves. Also used as a small tree. Many new hybrid hollies to choose from with similar habit and use. Evg. ALS-10’T x 5’W.

3 Gallon - $27.56 30 Gallon -$287.50

Dwarf Yaupon

Low spreading, compact growing shrub excellent for low hedges or borders. Formal when shredded. Does not produce berries. Evg.ALS-2’T x 3’W.

$27.89 - 3 gallon

Blue Point Juniper

A medium sized shrub with a pyramidal growth habit and extremely dense branching. Beautiful blue-green needle-like foliage. Makes an excellent landscape specimen or mass planting. Evg.ALS-10’T x 6’W.

$99.89 - 7 Gallons

Spartan Juniper

A fast, dense tall grower with a pyramidal or columnar habit. Rich green color. Evg.ALS-20’T x 5’W.

$103.45 - 7 Gallons

Dwarf Crape Myrtle

Small shrub known for its spectacular show of flowers throughout the summer. Available in colors of red, pink, purple, and white. Attractive fall foliage. May freeze to the ground in area A. Dec. ALS-5’T x 3’W.

$28.79 - 3 gallon

Texas Sage

Rounded shrub with beautiful silvery foliage. Beautiful orchid-lavender bell-shaped flowers. Tolerates poor soil, heat, and drought. Useful either as informal or clipped hedge or in mixed dry plantings. Purple and white flowering varieties available. ‘Silverado’ is an excellent variety. Evg. Dec. ALS-6’T x 4’W.

$24.36 - 3 gallon


A bushy evergreen shrub with lustrous, dark green to burgundy leaves throughout the season. Sweetly scented, spider-like pink flowers bloom in spring. Prefers moist, well drained soil high in organic matter. Withstands any amount of pruning. Excellent for borders, screens or foundations. Evg.ALS-5’T x 4’W.

$26.82 - 3 gallon

Waxleaf Ligustrum

A Compact, upright growing, Vigorous evergreen shrub with large glossy, deep green leaves.  Unsheared plants produce a profusion of white blossoms in spring, followed by dark blue berries. Makes an ideal specimen, foundation, container plant, hedge, or screen. Or, Shape into globes, pyramids, and other interesting shapes. Evg. ALS-8’T x 5’W.

$23.15 - 3 gallon

Chinese Privet

Fast growing shrub with variegated foliage. Provides a striking contrast to darker green plants. Plant in full sun and do not shear often for best color. Evg./Dec.ALS-8’T x 6’W.

$28.95 - 3 gallon

Nandina(Heavenly Bamboo)

Upright plants with lightly branched, cane-like stems and delicate foliage that turns brilliant shades of red, orange, purple, and yellow in fall. Clusters of beautiful bright red berries in winter. Good for hedge, screen or container plant. Many new and improved varieties available. Evg. Dec.
ALS-6’T x 3’W.

$27.50 - 3 gallon

Dwarf Nandina

Small rounded plant grown for its brilliant winter color. Excellent for low mass planting or border. Heat and drought tolerant.
Evg./Dec.ALS-2’T x 2’W.

$24.76 - 3 gallon

Harbour Dwarf Nadina

Low growing freely spreading groundcover. Spreads by underground stems. Valued for its orange red to bronzy red foliage in the winter.
Evg. ALS-1’T x 2W.

$25.15 - 3 gallon


Fast growing flowering shrubs available in a wide range of colors from white to shades of yellow, pink, salmon and red. Blooms summer through fall. Tolerates poor soil, heat, drought and salt spray. Use as screens, windbreaks, background plantings or container plant. Some varieties more cold hardy.  Ask your Certified Professional. Evg. ALS- 4’T x 3’W to 20”T x 10’W.

$24.75 - 3 gallon

Red Tip Photinia

Fast growing shrub valued for its spectacular brilliant red new growth in the spring. White flowers in late spring.  Heat tolerant. Excellent for screens or background.  Sometimes trained into small tree. Needs good drainage. Evg.ALS-15’T x 10’W.

$24.50 - 3 gallon

Dwarf Pittosporum

Low growing dense mounding shrub with beautiful glossy green foliage. A popular selection for low borders and groundcover plantings. Variegated form also available. Evg.ALS-2’T x 4’W.

$28.89 - 3 gallon

Variegated Pittosporum

A Large shrub usually rounded and dense, with erect, sturdy stems. Large clusters of very fragrant white flowers that smell like citrus blossoms bloom in spring amid a combination of light green and white leathery leaves. Ideal in mass plantings or hedges. Evg.ALS-2’T x 4’W.

$24.75 - 3 gallon

Indian Hawthorn

Spreading dense growing shrubs with glossy leathery leaves and beautiful spring flowers. Select from pink, rose and white varieties. Attractive as background planting, groundcover, or informal hedge. Evg.
Depending on variety, ALS ranges from 2’T x 3”W to 10”T x 10”W.

$26.15 - 3 gallon


IRounded upright shrub with dark glossy foliage. New growth is bronzy-red. Use as an informal hedge or container plant. Beautiful even with shearing. Evg. ALS-5’T x 4’W.

$23.79 - 3 gallon


Popular flowering shrubs that vary in form, height and flowering season. All provide a spectacular show of white, pink or red flowers in spring or summer. Larger types used as background plants or specimens;
Lower types used as low borders and rock gardens. Ask your Certified Professional to show you the varieties best for your area.
Dec. ALS-2’T x 2’W to 6’T x 5’W.

$24.50 - 3 gallon

Sweet Viburnum

Large shrub with leathery, glossy dark green leaves and fragrant white spring flowers. Big bulky shrub or small tree for background plantings or screen. Evg. ALS- 10’T x 8’W.

$24.45 - 3 gallon

Pendula Yucca

Clumping type yucca with soft harmless cascading leaves with a beautiful blue-green cast. White flower stalks in summer. Very heat and drought tolerant. A good container plant.

$26.58 - 3 gallon


Deciduous shrub grown for its spectacular display of rosy-pink blooms in late spring. Use as a background plant in the shrub or perennial border. Performs best in full sun and well-drained soil. Many varieties available. ALS-6’T x 6’W..

$23.68 - 3 gallon


Beautiful shrubs with various leaf and flower forms. Blooms in spring. Good plants for screens and hedges. Varieties to look for include ‘Burkwood’, and ‘Snowball’ and ‘Spring Bouquet’. Evg. Dec. and ALS. Depend on variety selected.

$28.40 - 3 gallon

Knock Out Rose

Compact, tidy landscape shrub that flowers profusely from spring to late fall. Light pink semi-double blooms gradually age to shell pink. Disease-resistant.

$26.50 - 3 gallon

Carolina Jessamine

Fast growing compact vine producing masses of bright yellow flowers in early spring. Climbs by twining. Good on fences , over patios, or trellises. Evergreen to semi-evergreen. Climbs to 25’.

$26.50 - 3 gallon

English Ivy

Popular vine and ground cover for shady areas. Clings easily to walls and fences. Many different varieties. Evg. Climbs to 15-20’.

$28.75 - 3 Gallons

Blue Rug Juniper

Very low growing ground cover with intense silver-blue foliage. Evg.ALS-4’T x 4’W.

$21.89 - 3 Gallons

Shore Juniper

Low growing ground cover with bright green soft foliage. Excellent for seashore. Blue Pacific is a denser, bluer, more heat-tolerant form. Evg.ALS-1’T x 4’W.

$24.56 - 3 Gallons


Excellent ground cover for low border edging. Grass-like foliage grows in clumps.  Many different green or variegated forms available. Flowers generally lilac, some are white. Variegata and Majestic are improved varieties. Evg. ALS- 30’ T x 24 ‘W.

$32.75 **Flat - Contains 18 Plants

Tam Juniper

Low growing ground cover shrub. Spreads symmetrically. Similar to Tam , Buffalo Juniper is lower growing and has soft feathery bright green foliage. ALS- 18’T x 4’W.

$21.89 - 3 Gallons

Aztec Grass

An attractive spreading plant with green and white variegated, grass-like leaves. Pale lilac flowers appearing in summer are often hidden by the foliage. Makes a colorful highlight or good border plant in any garden. Grows best in moist but well-drained soil. Evg.ALS-1’T x 1’W..

$22.10 - 3 Gallons

Purpleleaf Honeysuckle

Popular fast growing vine or ground cover with dark purple leaves and fragrant whitish-yellow flowers in spring. Climbs to 8-10’ by twinning. Groundcover:1-2’T.Semi-Evg.

$24.15 - 3 Gallons

Mondo/Monkey Grass

Dark green grass-like ground cover and border plant. Spreads by underground runners. Space plants 6-18” apart depending upon size of clump. Dwarf and variegated varieties also available. Evg.ALS-8”T.

$33.50 **Flat - Contains 18 Plants


Call to find out the variety of colors you can choose from

Azaleas have very shallow, fibrous roots which will dry out quickly in times of drought. Supplemental watering will be necessary. Most azaleas will need little pruning. Any light pruning should be done after blooming in the spring.

Bloom Time:
Early: Mid March - Mid April
Midseason: Late March - April
Late: Late April - May
*Encore Azakeas bloom again in mid-summer.

$36.00 – 5 gal


Twining, fast growing woody vine with clusters of beautiful fragrant violet-blue or white flowers. Sometimes trained as small ornamental tree. Plant blooms before leaves appear in spring. Perfect for covering patios, wall or fences. Dec. Climbs to 40’.

$28.56 – 3 gal $167.50 – 15 gal

Star Jasmine

Fast growing vine and ground cover valued for it’s fragrant white pinwheel-like spring flowers. Climbs by twining. A good potted plant in colder regions. Evg. ALS-12-18” as a groundcover. Climbs to 12’ as vine.

$27.50 - 3 gal

Asian Jasmine

Very popular growing ground cover. Spreads by runners. Many different leaf forms available including variegated. Heat, drought and poor soil tolerant. Evg ALS-6-12”.

$32.95 **Flat - Contains 18 Plants

Pampa Grass

Fast growing clump-forming ornamental grass. Produces large showy white flower plumes in late summer that lasts for months. Flowers can be cut and dried. Good screen, windbreak or specimen plant. Tolerates poor soil, heat and drought. Evergreen, but may freeze back in northern areas. ‘Pumila’ is a dwarf variety, growing to five feet. ALS-6’T x 6’W.

$21.50 - 3 gal

Mexican Feather Grass

Lovely small grass bearing narrow, grass-like foliage. Fine texture adds interest to landscapes and container gardens. Delicate silvery-green summer flowers mature to a light straw color in fall. ALS-18”T x 18”W.

$24.95 - 3 gal

Dwarf Maiden Grass

One of the best dwarf ornamental grasses. Airy fanlike plumes of delicate red-tinted summer flowers age to soft white, adding fall and winter interest to the landscape. ALS-3’T x 3’W.

$22.95 - 3 gal

Purple Fountain Grass

Tender ornamental grass bearing deep burgundy leaf blades in warm weather. Graceful smokey-pink foxtails appear from summer to frost. Excellent accent, mass planting, groundcover or dried. ALS-3’T x 2’W.

$22.50 - 3 gal

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