Tropical Plants

3 Gallon Minimum
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Upright plant with large, green or variegated leaves. Good specimen or accent plant. Will not tolerate sun. Drought tolerable once established. Evg.ALS-4’T x 3’W.

$27.50 - 3 gallon

Bottle Brush

Spectacular crimson-red bottlebrush-like flowers bloom sporadically throughout the year above dark green leaves. This large, upright shrub is often trained into a standard, making it an attractive small landscape tree. ‘Little John” is a dwarf low-growing variety, growing three feet tall, five feet wide. Tolerates heat, cold and adverse soil. Makes a good spectrum or shrub border plant.

$28.15 - 3 gallon

Japanese Yew

Upright shrub with dark green narrow leaves. Good contrast to broad-leaved shrubs. Easily pruned to shape. Ideal for screen planting, topiary, clipped hedge Or container plant. Evg.ALS-10’T x 3’W.

$137.50 - 15 gallon $207.50 - 30 gallon

Gold Star Esperanza

A splashy, ever blooming tropical shrub or small tree bearing gorgeous golden-yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers. The lightly fragrant blooms continue from summer to frost. Grow in moist but well-drained soil and, once established, it will withstand a light frost. An evergreen shrub in area H, perennial or annual in the rest of the state depending on winter.
Avg.ALS-4’T x 3’W.

$32.45 - 3 gallon


Beautiful trumpet-shaped, butter-yellow flowers 4” across all summer. A fast growing tropical perennial vine that thrives in summertime heat. May be grown in containers or planted in the ground as a flowering annual anywhere in the state. Train on trellis or let cascade out of container or hanging basket.

$24.79 - 3 gallon

Angel's Trumpet

Very fragrant in the evening, the 8” long hanging trumpet-shaped flowers appear in spring and summer. Choose from white, peach, pink or orange varieties, with many available in single and double flower forms.
Large, fast growing, plants make an interesting backdrop to a wide border. Protect from freezing temperatures or use as seasonal color.

$29.75 - 3 gallon


Large leaves display a bright array of bronze, orange, re, and pink blend with the yellow veins over a green background. Crotons add an exciting touch of color as individual specimens or in combination with other troikas.

$19.55 - 3 gallon

Chinese Hibiscus

One  of the  showiest of all flowering shrubs. Hundreds of different varieties in a rainbow of colors. Bloom freely from late spring to early fall.
Thrive in heat. Great patio pot plants. In more northern areas grow them as Tropical Plants, setting out fresh plants each spring, or bring indoors before first frost.

$24.69 - 3 gallon

Flame of the Woods

Brilliant red, orange, yellow or pink flowers constantly from summer until fall. A good source of exotic color for containers in hot patio areas or around pools. Excellent where a tropical effect is desired. Used as a evergreen  clipped hedge in extreme southern Texas. Thrives in heat and full sun. Bring indoors to protect from freezing and return outside when warm temperatures return.

$27.36 - 3 gallon

Spicy Jatropha

An evergreen tree with an erect, branching, woody stem. Sharp-pointed dark green leaves are bronze-red when young. Clusters of star-shaped, bright coral-red flowers bloom in summer. Ideal for containers or a summer.

$28.42 - 3 gallon


Large colorful flowers bloom almost continually from spring to frost. The pink ‘Alice du Pont’ variety is best known, but new red , yellow and white varieties are now becoming available. Best used in large patio containers or hanging baskets. Thrives in heat. Protect from freezing temperatures. May be brought indoors during the winter, placed by a bright window, and returned outside when warm weathers returns.

$27.50 - 3 gallon


Fast growing plant for tropical landscapes. Suckers from underground stems from attractive clump. Freezes down to the ground most winters but quickly returning in spring. A good pot plant in northern areas. Evg./Dec.ALS-8’T x 8’W.

$27.50 - 3 gallon

Bird of Paradise

Grown for its spectacular flower shaped like tropical birds. Orange, blue , and white flowers on long, stiff stems bloom throughout the year, but best in cool season. Prized as cut flower. Excellent in pots, around pools or as an accent in the landscape. Protect from freezing temperatures in winter or  use as annual color.

$26.20 - 3 gallon

Princess Flower

Brilliant purple, 3” wide flowers in cluster appear intermittently, summer until fall. Evergreen shrub in frost-free locations, a great container plant anywhere. New growth shaded with velvety, orange and bronze red hairs. Best in acid, well-drained soil with roots shaded. Protect from freezing in the winter.

$29.86 - 3 gallon

Elephant Ear

Elephant ears are heavy feeders; fertilize them with a fertilizer high in nitrogen. Elephant ear plants are tropical but can be over wintered in cold climates. Grow elephant ears in partial shade. As a wetland plant in the wild, elephant ear plants crave water. This makes them a good choice for wet areas where homeowners usually have trouble finding suitable plants. These leaves can reach 3' long and 2' wide and grow 8' tall in the tropics, tough a height of 2'-3' is more common (depends on growing conditions).

3 Gallon

30 Gallons


Clusters of brightly colored flowers in shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, white, salmon and bicolor rise above the foliage. Blooms from late spring well into fall. Attractive in mass plantings or as background plant. Green and burgundy-leaved varieties are sold. Dwarf and standard sizes available. Cut spent flower stalks back to the ground for re-bloom. Heat and drought tolerant. Plant tubers 3 – 4 inches deep.

$21.15 - 3 gallon

Holly Fern

Evergreen coarse-textured fern with leathery green leaves. Makes excellent ground cover under trees in cool moist locations. .

$19.75 - 3 gallon

Wooden Fern

A widely available evergreen fern, also known as river fern. The coppery-red new fronds contrast nicely with the older shiny, dark green fronds. One of the easiest ferns to establish, and provides a picturesque plant for borders or woodland gardens. Grows best in moist humus-rich soil.

$19.75 - 3 gallon

Hardy Hibiscus/Rose Mallow

Huge, dramatic flowers in red, white, or pink, often with a contrasting eye. The blossoms may reach 8-12” across! Bloom season is from summer to frost. Large green leaves provide an excellent background for the bed or border or may stand alone in the landscape. Tolerant to heat and drought.

$23.50 - 3 gallon


Grown primarily for their colorful foliage and beautiful mounding form. Bold, textured leaves may be green, blue-green, yellow or variegated. Flowers rise from the center of the plant in summer and may be in shades of blue to white. Excellent source of color for shady beds  and borders. Good companion plants for spring flowering bulbs. Needs shade and highly organic soil. Best adapted in north and east Texas.

$23.45 - 3 gallon

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