Green Paradise brings a unique touch to your outdoor living experience. Our custom deck design and construction is tailored specifically for your home and needs. The products we use are top of the line and our craftsmanship is second to none.

Many people search for years to find their dream deck only to come up empty, but we can help you solve this problem. We offer custom made decks that reflect your distinct style, all within your budget.

A custom deck will add beauty to your home and value to your life. It can be just the place to host a neighborhood get together or simply the perfect place to sit back and relax. We build and customize your deck so that they blend in with your present home design and terrain. Decks are becoming more and more popular for Texas homeowners. At best, a well-planned deck can transform your backyard into a roofless sanctuary for relaxation and entertaining that also accentuates your home’s distinct style for the entire neighborhood to see.

We have built and installed hundreds of decks in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, and we will advise you on design and material choices as well as come out to your home to get a sense of what you want in the context of what is possible for your space. Every deck is different depending on design, square footage, features, etc. One of our technicians will help you choose exactly the right deck for maximum outdoor enjoyment.

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